New Changes in Alabama DUI Laws

We are all familiar with the standard punishment for a first offense DUI:  You will lose your license; you will pay huge fines; you will have to attend a substance abuse/court referral program.  And we all know the punishment gets worse if you are convicted again.  However, on September 1, 2012, two new laws went into affect increasing the sentencing for those convicted of Driving Under the Influence.

In addition to the standard punishment, anyone convicted of a second or subsequent DUI will be required to have an ignition interlock system installed on his or her automobile for a period of two years.  This is the machine that requires you to blow into it with a sober reading before your car will start.

The new laws also enhanced the sentencing for certain first offense DUIs.  Under the new law, the ignition interlock system will be required for first offense DUIs if the person convicted refused to blow for a blood alcohol test, did blow and his or her blood alcohol was .15% or higher, had a passenger under the age of 14, or if someone other than the offender was injured at the time of the offense.

If the person convicted had a blood alcohol of .15% or higher or had a passenger under the age of 14, the mandatory minimum punishment will be doubled.  If he or she had a blood alcohol of .15% or higher, the minimum sentence will be one year imprisonment (all of which can be suspended) and his or her license will be revoked for a minimum of one year.

The current law has increased the punishment for Driving Under the Influence more than ever before.  With so much at stake, don’t face a DUI charge alone.  Let one of our Huntsville, Alabama Criminal Defense attorneys help defend you and your future.  Call us today at (256) 429-9492.

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